Local Shopping: What are the real benefits?

Local and small businesses are the backbone of any country. They’re vital on so many levels: they create jobs for residents, they promote economic progress, and they reduce environmental impact.

Small businesses are often unique and help the local community.

Benefits of Shopping for Local Services

1.Local Employment and Income

The increase of employment in the region is one of the most personal benefits of businesses in the local economy.

Other standard-of-living indicators, such as disposable income, house foreclosure rates, and new small business openings, are influenced by employment levels. Employing people from the community can also help businesses generate favorable word-of-mouth advertising if the company treats its employees well enough to receive positive remarks.

Local employment also fosters a sense of community, which can help a local business’s brand.

2.Increase Tax Base

Small enterprises pay taxes, which is then re-invested in the local economy, resulting in a more prosperous community. Schools, police departments, and other small businesses and organizations will form a support network and benefit from one another’s efforts.

3.Builds Community Identity

Small businesses serve as ambassadors for the community in a variety of ways. They are a portrait of the communities from which they originate, having been started by local entrepreneurs and maintained by local personnel. When you go along the streets of your city’s downtown or city center, the collection of eateries, coffee shops, and boutiques creates the city’s distinct vibe and attractiveness. Tourists flock to them, and people are proud of where they live.

And it’s not just about buying physical products.

Choosing local service provider, such as solicitors can also have big benefits to the customer including customer service, meetings and an understanding of the local area. Liz Barnett, managing partner of Sanders Witherspoon Solicitors explains:

“Sanders Witherspoon has been representing clients in Billericay, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Essex and throughout the UK, for over 60 years.  By giving clients access to an expert in their particular legal field, we think we have a real advantage over national firms”

4.Encourage Entrepreneurship

A community of successful small enterprises encourages others to follow in their footsteps and pursue their own passion. Setting up a business means taking control of one’s own destiny through creativity and success. As a result of the success of small enterprises, other like-minded people may follow suit.

Andrews and Gregg are female lead estate agents and lettings specialists. After working for a competitor, the duo decided they could take advantage  of their local expertise. Sharon Gregg explains:

“At Andrews & Gregg we put people first and are passionate about delivering excellent customer service.

Whether you are selling, buying, letting or renting property, Andrews & Gregg are here to help and we will deliver an exceptional, personalised experience.”

5.Cultivating Loyal Customers

Locally focused businesses have the benefit of maintaining a loyal customer base, particularly when their services are not challenged by nearby big-box chain retailers and service providers. While this may not have an impact on corporate growth, it does assure financial stability and enables the business to maintain a good reputation.

6.Better for the Environment

Local firms are often more likely to set up shop in pre-existing structures. Infrastructures are frequently created for larger industries and organizations, resulting in less green space in the community and more toxic materials.

Small businesses don’t take up more room. Instead, they make use of the area that currently exists, which is the essence of environmental conservation. Additionally, small shops are more likely to stock products made locally or by local producers, which have a lower environmental impact.

Small-business entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do and play an essential role in society. You are also supporting the local community by supporting a small business.

Spending your money there helps in stimulating the local economy and keeps local businesses thriving. These tiny enterprises contribute to the creation and maintenance of jobs, as well as keeping the region lively and packed with tourists and shoppers.

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