3 ways your business can cut carbon

There are several ways your business can cut carbon. This is also an important part of corporate social responsibility, producing a cleaner community that helps everyone to thrive.

Start Today

Some of the ways your business can cut carbon are really easy. You can start today by switching to more efficient LED lighting. These reduce your energy bill and positively affect your profits. They also allow you to reduce carbon since they use less energy. You can also use natural light more often and gradually make changes to the architecture of your building to allow more sunshine in specific areas.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

The emphasis here is placed on reduce. You should try to completely reduce the amount of paper and other such products that you use. Don’t just aim to recycle everything. Recycling is the last resort, for things that you had to use or items which cannot be reused any longer. Encourage team members to carry lunch in reusable containers, reuse the same cup for water from the office cooler and keep their own cups in your lunch room.

Print Minimally

Don’t print documents unless it’s absolutely necessary to do so. Set double sided printing as the default option on all devices in your organization. Many accounting systems nowadays are completely paperless. Even your traveling sales team can submit digital invoices for reimbursement.

Brochures and other promotional materials can be delivered to clients via email. You can send digital cards to staff on their birthday and other important dates. Check documents carefully before printing, so you don’t need to do reprints because of simple typos.

Deliver company reports to shareholders in a digital format that they can easily read on their phone or PC.

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